Slots Gallery Anti-Fraud Policy

Slots Gallery ensures safe, friendly, and legal online gambling.

How to Prevent Fraud at Slots Gallery?

Different security processing algorithms are applied by Slots Gallery to protect users from personal data security and encryption. Besides, a KYC user check process is in place to safeguard the credentials even if the account data has been collected by third parties. For extra security and anti-fraud policy, Slots Gallery has put in place the rules and policies as listed below:

  • Obligatory observance of the laws of the countries where we offer our services;
  • Compulsory validation of the user’s phone number and email address;
  • Deployment of trusted and reliable payment methods guaranteeing users the security of their transactions, whereupon they are properly encrypted;
  • Routine spot checks by the Slots Gallery security department;
  • To maximize the security of the account on the Slots Gallery app or website, KYC verification is implemented, deposit and withdrawal of funds can only be made to wallets owned by the holder of the account;
  • Only one account can be established and used per user to play for real money.
  • Inform the support department if you doubt fraud or fraudulent actions.