Responsible Gambling

Slots Gallery prioritizes responsible gambling for player safety and enjoyment.

General Information

Online casino games are primarily a means of entertainment. But as often happens, after easy money, users lose control of the game and lose large sums of money, which they later regret. Find out your main goals and concepts of how you perceive games on the casino floor. And if, first of all, the goal is to make money, then you should not start an interaction, since in this case, it will be harmful. Detrimental patterns lead to problems not only economic but also financial. No bookmaker company is responsible for the actions taken by players on the site. Once the player has created an account and is familiar with the rules and regulations of the site, further actions become the direct responsibility of the gaming account holder.

We are ready to support you if you understand that you are starting to acquire a gaming addiction by spending more and more time on the site’s resources. Using Personal Limits will help set limits on the availability of our services to you, which will have a positive impact on your gambling addiction.

How to Prevent Gambling Addiction?

These problems are not so frequent but still, we pay attention to them too, to protect our players from gambling addiction. These recommendations will help you to avoid this type of problem: 

  • Set limits. Clearly set the time you can devote to online casinos and do not cross this line;
  • Don’t use betting as a means of making money. Give yourself a clear idea that this is a hobby;
  • Use only money that you can earn yourself;
  • If you see that you are starting to lose more than you win, you should not continue playing that day. Under no circumstances try to set yourself the goal of winning back. Often such an action leads to total failure;
  • Do not take big risks if you are not confident in your abilities;
  • Play solely for fun, not for money;
  • Among the variety of strategies and tactics that guarantee you win, remember that there is not a single tool that will give you a 100% guarantee of a positive outcome of the game;
  • Always approach the gameplay from a pragmatic side, do not be led by emotions;
  • Monitor your balance and choose your bet size responsibly;
  • Do not play in the casino while under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
  • In moments of feeling lost in concentration, it is always important to pause;
  • Always leave a gaming session with a positive balance.

Self-exclusion by Request

In the case of a real gambling addiction, when minimal self-limitations on time do not help and control over one’s time and bankroll goes beyond what is desired, the following option for comprehensively solving the issue is presented. We carry out self-exclusion upon personal request and provide support upon your request. Write to us your wish, if you wish, with a detailed description of the problem and the desired time frame for self-exclusion.