Progressive Jackpots in Slots Gallery Casino

Are there jackpots for players at the Slots Gallery online casino.

What Is Slots Gallery Jackpot?

What are the types of jackpot at Slots Gallery online casino.

Slots Gallery Casino jackpots are a development of a whole new generation, each with its own distinctive appeal and imaginary riches. The Adamantium Jackpot promises a prize pool that challenges the laws of probability. The second jackpot is the Kryptonite Jackpot, a rare and powerful energy source mined from distant galaxies. But the crown jewel awaits you in the form of the Cyber Crystal jackpot.

How to Get Jackpot?

What do I need to do to get the jackpot at the Slots Gallery online casino.

When you play online slots, the jackpots are not always the same. Choosing a game with a hot jackpot increases the chances of winning the biggest prize. The only downside is that the jackpots are not always available immediately. In getting the jackpot, it is important to have patience and tactics and then you can get your jackpot within a certain period of time. The best way to avoid this is to play when all three jackpots are available. In order to start playing Jackpot games, you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Log in to your Slots Gallery Casino personal account.
  2. Make a deposit using one of the preferred payment options.
  3. Go to the main menu and start on the Jackpot game button. A list of games that have a jackpot will open. Make your choice and start playing, expecting a big win.

Play Jackpot Games

Slots Gallery Jackpot Terms and Conditions

What are the conditions for using the jackpot at the Slots Gallery online casino.

Slots Gallery launches Jackpot Blast promotion which includes 3 jackpot levels – Kryptonite, Adamantium, Cyber Crystal. Jackpot games have certain terms and conditions stated below:

  • Initial jackpot levels:
Kryptonite30,000 euros (50 000,00 AUD)
Adamantium800 euros (1 300,00 AUD) 
Cyber Crystal50 euros (82 AUD)
  • The increase in the current amount of the jackpot level depends on the size of the participants’ bets;
  • The player will not be charged any additional costs for participation in the Promotion;
  • Participation in the promotion is open only to authorized platform users and those of legal age;
  • The promotion is not available to players from countries where bonuses are not allowed.
  • Within Australia, bets are made in AUD;
  • The prize in the form of a bonus is awarded to the winner automatically as the winner is determined;
  • There is no wagering requirement for the jackpot;
  • Jackpot Blast winnings have a daily withdrawal limit of €1,000 (or fiat equivalent) and a monthly limit of €10,000 (or fiat equivalent).


When is the Jackpot drawn?

This can occur whenever the jackpot has reached its minimum prize amount. It is guaranteed, however, that the jackpot will be rolled before it reaches its maximum prize amount.

Which games to play to get the Jackpot?

Games with jackpots are located in the Jackpot games tab. Any authorized user can access the game by logging into their personal account and having a positive balance.

How to wager the Jackpot amount?

The money won in the jackpot can be withdrawn immediately without any bets. Jackpot money is accumulated in the user’s personal account and can be immediately withdrawn in any convenient way.